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A Summer To Create

A Summer To Create

Exposure Camp

Program Summary

"A Summer To Create" is a 5 week program that introduces teens to open source technology to design projects and apps that support their creative interests in a collaborative setting with both their peers and mentors. The program is broken down to give a choice of one or all three sessions that explore everything from game, web and digital design using web based applications and digital technologies. The programs offers both online and offline collaborative opportunities to connect with professional developers, game designers, and digital artists as the teens ideate and create. The program builds on the best of our overnight Teen Tech Bash input of what the youth enjoyed and would like to have more in depth engagement in. We will be using the program to not only teach but to create opportunities for our youth to share what they believe is missing from the online experience and ideas they think might improve issues in their neighborhoods. The program will be used to allow the youth mostly from under-resourced communities to recognize the value in their ideas and that their "voice" along with those ideas can be amplified by creating for the web and collaborating with peers with similar goals and passions.


July 8-12 Intro To Game Design
Students will learn how game design can help them become better thinkers, more creative and solve problems in their communities
– Students will have Q&A with actual game designers
– There will be an intro to several open source (free, web based) applications to start the design process that can be continued at any time and place that there is an internet connection and computer.
– Students will take a trip to see the behind the scenes of a game design company

July 15- August 2 Digital Design Incubator
-Students will explore how designers collaborate to create solutions for both branded products and environmental projects.
-Students will be introduced to open -source design technology and create groups to solve a design problem and create a product to support their idea.
-Students are paired with an industry professional as a mentor to consult with
-Students will have an original design printed on a T-shirt and an accessory, as well as a surface, like fabric
-We will explore 3D printing and how it is being used and can be used to create for the community
-Students will participate in professional critique and hear talks from industry professionals

AthleTech August 5- 9
-We will introduce web-making skills by exploring the dynamic of team sports and the team necessary to create a good website or app.
-Students will explore their favorite athletes or artists web pages and prototype and design ones that caters to their talents
-We will have them create teams to support each other in areas where a team mate may be more proficient
-Students will work with mentors to ideate and then design
-Students will leave having designed a website that they can continue to build onto as their talents grow
Teams will head to the courts to record media for their sites
There will be a trip to the city to visit a Tech Company

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