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24-Hour CultureJam

24-Hour CultureJam

California State University, East Bay Foundation, Inc.for California State University, East Bay (CSUEB)

Program Summary

Imagine the Future! Re-imagine the World Wide Web! Create a more truthful present and a more inspired future. Be one of 60 Cal State East Bay students to join the 24-hour CultureJam in the CSUEB Art Department Gallery, on September 27 & 28, 2013 from 6:00 PM on Friday to 7:30 PM on Saturday. Bring whatever skills and knowledge you have: art, multimedia, journalism, computer science, music, communications, you name it; all are welcome and needed.

It all starts with a mixer and the movie, “RIP: A Remix Manifesto.” Culture jamming and satire are powerful tools. See how you can use them, and then pitch your ideas and form your team. You have all night to brainstorm and research issues. Work, snack, mingle, nap, and chill until breakfast. Then, head to the lab and studio to design, write, code, and remix your chosen website. Tell it like it really is, based on the present you know, and the future you envision.

No worries, you don’t have to know everything. Student mentors with advanced skills will be there to help. Judges will circulate throughout the day, observing your research, collaboration, coding, and design, and offering insights to guide your work. You will earn badges for the skill competencies they observe. ReMix DJs will provide tunes in the chill space. Meals are included. Judges will be looking for creative responses and conceptually sound arguments. They will consider both the final product and the process of getting there, including collaboration, thoughtful research, technical and aesthetic expertise, and implementation of best practices.

No matter what your skill level when you begin, at the end of 24 hours you will know more about collaboration, journalism, research, prototyping, multimedia coding and design, open source software, copyright, and how to pull together a project FAST.


Event Name: 24-Hour CultureJam
Dates: Friday, September 27 through Saturday, September 28, 2013
Locations: CSU East Bay Art Gallery, adjacent courtyard, computer lab, and photography studio
Target Participants: 60 Cal State East Bay students, ages 18-24

Project goals: (1) Develop critical readers and authors of shared communication on the web. (2) Increase participants’ abilities related to purposeful collaboration, the practice of journalism, research in the humanities, digital literacy, and multimedia production. (3) Encourage participants to take part in future hackathon events. (4) Inspire participants to become tutors or mentors to other students at future hackathon type events.


Friday 6:00 pm – Reception & Orientation: Participants receive t-shirts. During the reception, they make LED badges and enjoy remix music and food.

Friday 6:30 pm – Welcome & Program Overview

Friday 7:00 pm – Movie Screening: “RIP: a Remix Manifesto” is a documentary about remix culture and copyright, with an outstanding soundtrack and contributions by luminaries such as Stanford Professor Lawrence Lessig.

Friday 7:30 pm – Event Introduction: Presentations describe the strategy of culture jamming, “Imagine the Future” theme, schedule, guidelines, and expectations (including plagiarism, fair use, academic freedom, and honesty). Each final project will include a website, sketches, and research that comments, criticizes, reports, fact checks, visualizes, teaches, satirizes, and/or parodies well-designed, existing websites.

Friday 9:00 pm – Idea Pitching & Team Selection: After facilitated idea pitching, teams form around selected ideas. Expert mentors are assigned to each team to scaffold higher-level skills and provide modeling to less experienced students.

Friday 11:00 pm to Saturday 8:00 am – Brainstorming & Research: Students work, nap, and mingle throughout their jamming session in the CSU art gallery and adjacent courtyard. A chill space allows people to doze or rest while a table of snacks provides light refreshments for those working through the night.

Saturday 9:00 am – Breakfast & Presentation: A brief presentation outlines the schedule for the day, explains the judging checkpoint process, and introduces judges (faculty, graduate students, and professionals from different disciplines).

Saturday 9:00 am ““ Production: Between 9 am to 5 pm (the standard workday), judges and experts circulate to observe and guide participants by answering questions and assessing competition success metrics such as quality of research, collaboration, coding and design, and presentation. Advanced technical resources are available in computer labs and photo studios.

Saturday 10:00 am – Judging Checkpoint for Research & Fact Checking: Judges document collaboration, connected learning, and other indicators.

Saturday 12:00 am – Judging Checkpoint for Collaborative Practice

Saturday 2:00 pm – Judging Checkpoint for Coding & Design

Saturday 4:00 pm – Judging Checkpoint for Presentation Design

Saturday 5:00 pm – Final Judging Checkpoint for Projects: Work stops. Judges and participants view final projects.

Saturday 6:00 pm – Judges retreat. Participants rest, snack, and enjoy remix music. The exhibition of projects is open to the public.

Saturday 7:00 pm ““ Judges announce winners, honorable mentions, and badges.

Saturday 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm – Cleanup

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