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The RIZE Program

The RIZE Program


Program Summary

The RIZE Program is an arts program for youth. The RIZE Program was established in 2009 to raise awareness and give young people the tools to appropriately identify and express emotions that can lead to violence if left unchecked, “Stop Violence through the Arts” provides dramatic examples of how the arts can provide young people with alternatives to violence, turning anger and confusion into creative expression leading to job and life skills.
The RIZE Program in collaboration with the I-LEAD Charter School (I-LCS) will be hosting a summer of Digital Media Workshops & Learning Labs with a focus on Digital Social Activism. RIZE and I-LCS are recruiting Youth Ambassadors between the ages of 13-17 years of age from Berks County, Pennsylvania.
Youth Ambassadors will be provided mentoring and leadership workshops as well as exposure to hand on experience related to digital learning & creating. Our Youth Ambassadors will be given the tools to navigate the web safely and securely while being trained in Photography, Journalism, Marketing as well as Website and Mobile Application building. Helping youth build, access, and understand the web in ways that support interest-driven learning, and empower learners to connect in safe ways with resources, mentors, and peers.


The RIZE Digital Media Summer youth programming will run from July-September 2013 consecutively 2.0 hours per week x 5 days and the programming being provide is listed below:
Digital photography – RIZE-ILCS will provide learners with an opportunity to explore the world of art through the lens of a camera. They will begin their journey by learning about different elements and principles of art, about different photographers of various time periods and about the different digital techniques currently being used by artists. Then, learners will use these various techniques to manipulate different media into creative pieces of art. Learners will do in-progress and final critiques where they will get to discuss their work and learn from the work of others. During every critique, learners will be expected to be respectful and provide constructive criticism. The purpose of a critique is to assist learners in their development, to help each individual grow as an artist and not feel attacked or judged. The RIZE Photography Program will offer learners an opportunity to gain high school credits that will be used toward the required credits to graduate from high school. Build a Raspberry Pi PC -In this course kids will build a credit card sized PC by assembling the components, then later launching the PC on a Monitor with a keyboard and mouse. Upon launching their own PC, kids will personalize their PCs, and be taught the basics of navigating and surfing the web using the Raspberry Pi computer. Kids will then be able to take their PC home with them for use at any time.
Create a RIZE Mobile app for iphone & Droid – The RIZE students will learn how to develop, code, design, test and launch the RIZE app during the “Born Brave Bus Tour” presentation, allowing them to learn a multitude of technological skills.

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