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Judging Criteria

Apps and ideas will be judged on their ability to foster a more equitable, social, and participatory internet.

Social Criteria

1. Equitable

A better internet for all is one built on principles of fairness and equity, where everyone has a chance to lend a voice, to become a leader, to play the game. A more equitable internet is one based on:


safety and privacy



2. Social

A better internet for all supports social engagement of all kinds by promoting mutual responsibility, care, and collaboration. A social internet brings people and communities together through:

relationship building



3. Participatory

A better internet for all is one that enables participation, involvement, commitment; providing more people with the opportunity to lend a hand, an ear, a voice. A participatory internet enriches civic life through:





Technical Criteria

A better internet is one that uses truly open standards for data transfer that are accessible and secure and that allow others to interoperate. The ideal is an open protocol that allows secure authorization in a simple, standard method for desktop, web, and mobile applications.

Strong technical standards include:


Design Criteria

A useful, well designed app is a more used app. Attention should be paid to both visual design and UX / UI. However, rough designs that attend to UX are more effective than those with attractive but poor user experience.