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Connected LYFE

Connected LYFE

Filipino American Human Services, Inc.

Program Summary

Connected LYFE is a digital storytelling project designed to connect young people through their shared experiences. LYFE, (Leading Youth to Find Empowerment) is a Filipino American youth organization and part of FAHSI (Filipino American Human Services, Inc.) based out of Queens, New York that welcomes all young people from all backgrounds. Connected LYFE is summer workshop series that will teach young people how to create and publish their own digital stories in a way that is compelling, creative, and safe. This project encourages young people who may be isolated geographically, generationally, or socially to connect with others to find strength, camaraderie, and community. Although the program welcomes students from all backgrounds, many participants will be Filipino American youth. Often their stories are generalized into a pan-Asian identity, which makes it difficult to understand their diverse histories and identities. This program is an opportunity for these youth to share their unique experiences. Additionally, the youth will be contributing to an online space in which their media creations are an entry point to discuss issues that are pertinent to them, such as high school, college, immigration, family, identity, health and sexuality, and bullying.

After the summer program, the participants will become community moderators who care for the online space throughout the year. Further, they will reach out to other youth organizations around the world and invite them to our discussions. They will create and curate online content throughout the year. The participants in the summer program will engage in discussions and debates about what is appropriate to share online and who should make those choices. The program will be located in Queens, New York at the Philippine American Community Center. Young people from 14 to 18 are welcome to join us as we make media about our lives and connect!


Each workshop will range from 2-4 hours over the course of 4 weeks.

Workshop 1: The Art of Storytelling
The youth are introduced to the art of storytelling through listening and viewing diverse stories. We will introduce the common elements of a story and discuss what makes a story compelling. We will invite them to reflect upon the issues and ideas that are most important to them for their own stories. Through theater and drama, the young people will begin to formulate ideas collaboratively while building community with the other youth also participating in the workshops.

Workshop 2: Exploring Media
During this workshop, students will be invited to play with the technology and explore iMovie. Students will be divided into small groups and given a camera. They will be asked to create a one-minute movie about something in the community center. Aside from a short introduction on how to import videos and images and how to save their work, the students will learn through experience during this hands-on exploratory workshop.

Workshop 3: Storyboarding
Students will be taught how to create storyboards. During this workshop, students will also conference in small groups and with youth advisors about their ideas. They will storyboard their ideas and make plans for filming and/or photographing.

Workshop 4: Using Technology to Collect Your Story, Part 1
Students will be shown how to take high quality photos. We will also discuss how they can manipulate images to come to life on the screen!

Workshop 5: Using Technology to Collect Your Story, Part 2
Students will be taught how to use microphones and audio recorders while filming. They will also be shown how utilize digital camcorders using appropriate lighting and sound settings.

Workshop 6: Editing Your Story
During this workshop, students will be taught how to edit videos using iMovie. They will finalize their digital stories.

Workshop 7: Sharing Our Stories: Safety, Privacy, Permission
During this workshop, we will have discussions about online safety, privacy, and permissions. First, we will discuss the use of copyrighted images and music. Students will explore the privacy settings of their most used applications and discuss if those settings are accessible and understandable. After this exploration and discussion, students will create their own rules for safety and privacy for their online space.

Workshop 8: Online Community Management
During this workshop, we will discuss how to organize our stories online. We will also discuss and determine the responsibilities of community moderators. During this session, we will write the rules for participating and sharing in this online community. This session will be focused on creating a safe, fair, and engaging online space.

Workshop 9: Spreading the Word
Students will create a media blitz to share their newly created online space using Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and Facebook.

Workshop 10: Story Celebration
This last workshop will be a celebration and viewing party for their stories and the launch of their website!

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