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Get Connected at Sector67 this Summer

Get Connected at Sector67 this Summer


Program Summary

Get Connected at Sector67 this Summer
Sector67 and Project:Connect are proud to present three free summer workshops for youth ages 8-14.

Workshop 1: Mine and Craft
Minecraft is an engaging computer-based block construction game. Whether you already love to play Minecraft or want to learn, you’ll find a place in this workshop. Participants will learn how to safely and responsibly interact and collaborate within online and local Minecraft communities. More experienced Minecrafters will have the opportunity to be peer mentors as all participants learn through play, wiki-based self-directed investigation and collaborative goals.

Workshop 2: Hold your Concept in your Hand
Imagine if you could think of a toy and be holding it in your hand in hours. It’s possible today with 3D printing technology; but you first need to create a digital blueprint! Participants in this session will learn the basics of kid-focused 3D design, collaborate on the creation of a part, see a part being 3D printed, learn how to search for existing designs and how to responsibly share their designs on sites like Thingiverse.

Workshop 3: Scratch your Idea Itch
Do you have an idea for an interactive story, game, or animation? With Scratch, a web-based programming environment designed especially for kids, you can bring your idea to life and share it online. Participants will get an introduction and hands-on experience with Scratch, learn how to investigate how other kids have created their ideas, collaborate on a Scratch project and share it online.

Watch our website for the schedule of events and registration information. Each session will be held multiple times and limited to 20 participants. Pre-registration is required to ensure all participants a hands-on experience. All events will be held at Sector67:

(608) 241-4605
2100 Winnebago Street
Madison, WI 53704


Each session will be four hours, with each workshop being presented five times over the course of the summer. Participants in all sessions will typically be mixed level, with more experienced participants taking on a peer mentor role. Individual workshop agendas are below:

Workshop 1: Mine and Craft
Minecraft by design invites an initial exploratory learning process. We use our isolated server system for participants to experience this initial exploration and begin to interact with each other. This naturally leads into a discussion of individual and community online behavior such as griefing and appropriate etiquette.

Once basic community rules are agreed upon and all participants have achieved some fluency with gameplay, collaborative missions are given. For instance, a “habitat for virtual humanity” scenario is given where participants must work together to repair and fortify a damaged Minecraft village.

After completion of collaborative missions, participants are presented with the concept of self-directed wiki-based learning to further their understanding of the game and have free build time. We wrap up with a discussion of safe and responsible behavior when online in a larger community.

Workshop 2: Hold your Concept in your Hand
Hobbyist-level 3D printing is revolutionizing idea development. Participants will be exposed to the concept of a 3D design for various parts and then shown examples of many printed parts and products. They will then be introduced to Sketchup (http://www.sketchup.com/) [and/or Autodesk Inventor pending license availability] as an introductory 3D design tool and provided collaborative design goals.

We’ll start with the basics of 3D modelling – drawing on paper! Once we’ve worked through the basics of working in 3D and all of the building tools available in the software, we’ll set down the path of reproducing the shape of a classic toy building block. After fluency is achieved in the software, participants in this session will work on a design of their choosing or some of the suggested topics (you, your name, favorite landmark, toy, etc).

Finally, we introduce a post-workshop competition designed to foster ongoing engagement.

Workshop 3: Scratch your Idea Itch
MIT’s Scratch 2.0 (http://scratch.mit.edu/) provides a kid-focused sharing-centric web-based programming environment with an extremely low barrier to entry.

We start by giving participants an introductory Logo-like programming goal that allows them to use their own brains and bodies as a metaphor. We then focus participants on achieving a collaborative programming goal and sharing it on the “big screen”. We present more advanced community creations, and participants are exposed to methods of investigating and adapting the “source code” of examples they find compelling. They are then given free build time and encouraged to use those ideas in creations of their own.

After participants again share their work, we give them instructions that allow them to access their source code and share their creations online with friends and family after the workshop and introduce a post-workshop programming competition designed to foster ongoing engagement.

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