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Master Thinkers

Master Thinkers

Ouachita Children's Center, Inc.

Program Summary

Do you know how to protect yourself online? How about how to discern fact from opinion? The World Wide Web can be useful when searching for the answers you need, but only if used correctly.
The Master Thinkers program is a hands-on learning lab hosted by Ouachita Children's Center in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Approximately 20 youth (age 6-17) will meet weekly in the Training Room located at Ouachita Children's Center for a total of six weeks per session. Youth involved will take on important topics such as: Online safety and Cyber Bullying, Each week earn badges to show what you have learned culminating with the "Master Thinker" badge to let everyone know that you know how to T.H.I.N.K. before you post.
Youth will be split into groups at the end of each session to create short videos that will be previewed by guardians, staff, friends and news media then uploaded onto YouTube and the OCC website.


Master Thinkers is a program presented to at-risk youth residing in the Ouachita Children’s Center Emergency Shelter Program and within the local community. Each week youth will learn and create tools that will encourage a culture of kindness, respect, and safety, assist the youth in understanding how to control their information and manage privacy and security on the internet. The program will teach and inform the youth involved about Cyber-Bullying – how to prevent and how to respond.

Master Thinkers is build around the acronym for good digital citizenship –
T.H.I.N.K. about what you see/post online!
• T – Is it True
• H – Is it Helpful
• I – Is it Illegal
• N – Is it Necessary
• K – Is it Kind

Each session of Master Thinkers will last a total of 6 weeks per session. During each session, students will learn about and work towards earning a "badge" for each part of the acronym T.H.I.N.K. Those who earn all 5 badges are eligible to earn the "Master Thinker" badge signifying their commitment to good digital citizenship. Along the way they will learn how to be skeptical of the things they see online and how to protect their own privacy as well as anti-bullying techniques.
Video presentations will be created at the end of each session to be presented to friends and family, news media and guests at the Master Thinkers Graduation and Video Screening event. Videos will then be posted on YouTube and the Ouachita Children's Center website at www.occnet.org. Youth depicted on the video presentations will have media releases signed by their legal guardian due to confidentiality issues.

Weekly Schedule:
Week 1: Who are Master Thinkers — Is it True — how to tell the difference between factual and fictional information
Week 2: Is It Helpful? — Cyber bullying and the harm it can create
Week 3: Is it Illegal? — Online safety
Week 4: Is it Necessary? — Why would you post your phone number, address, etc.?
Week 5: Is it Kind? — do you consider hurtful comments
Week 6: Master Thinker’s videos

"Master Thinkers" will be an included portion of the Ouachita Children's Center Summer Enrichment Program which provides a certified teacher and teacher's aides to assist in remediation activities and improve academic progress.

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