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Pelham Library Teen Learning Lab

Pelham Library Teen Learning Lab

Pelham Public Library

Program Summary

The PPL Digital Leadership workshop will be a collaborative exploration of the digital footprint. We’ll explore the different ways teens are interacting online and what clues they leave behind for friends, family, and future employers. Digital Leaders will go beyond privacy settings and learn about actively managing their online image. What are some of the best ways to create and share meaningful content about things you are interested in? We’ll look at social media, blogs, gaming, online search tools and more. The workshop will provide hands-on opportunities for teens to play with different online tools and see what other teens have contributed to the web already. Digital Leaders will learn how to use the web and social media to promote their creative ideas and collaborate with other teens. All participants will be invited to participate in a media promotion project to spread the word to other teens in their community. Teams of up to four can create a two minute video using Library iPads. Videos should focus on 1.) What is a digital footprint? 2.) How can you investigate yours? 3.) How can you improve it? 4.) Why does it matter? Submitted videos will be posted on the library website at PelhamPublicLibrary.org and voted on by the community. Teams should also submit a flyer to promote their video with a QR code. The winning team will be awarded iPod Shuffles! All participants in the Digital Leadership workshop will earn volunteer credit towards the Pelham graduation requirement.


In the fall of 2013, the Pelham School system launches a “bring your own device” program for students. For the first time, the school has funded a full-time Technology Integration Specialist. Pelham is investing in technology for our students. Pelham Library has a vital role in supporting the school system and providing our teens with technical literacy focused programming. Teens are our fastest growing user population. They visit us daily to use our computers, programs, Wi-Fi, and gaming area. We see a need for Digital Leaders in our teen community. Our teens need to be given more advanced opportunities to play and create with online tools. They need training in good practices for online privacy and social responsibility. The outline below is for our Digital Leadership Workshop. Our goal is to create 25-30 active Digital Teen Leaders and a media campaign with huge impacts for all teens in Pelham.

Saturday, July 20th 10am-11:30am:

– Brief introduction and lecture on the digital footprint. Collaboration and lots of audience participation are encouraged.
– Footprint Quiz
o Quiz guides teens through online tasks that help them explore their digital footprint. They will record findings and present for discussion.
– Social network demonstrations and privacy settings
o Teens will explore social network accounts and privacy settings. We’ll look at other online accounts and how our favorites, wish lists, and data are viewable.
– Mobile devices
o We’ll have smartphones and iPads on hand to demonstrate the privacy and locking settings for these devices. We’ll discuss tips for protecting data and accounts.
– Passwords
o Password challenge—who can create the most secure password?
o Discussion on storing passwords and updating

11:30-12:00pm Pizza break

– Search engine and IP address exercise
o Teens explore how advertisers track and use our online behavior. We’ll demo different types of search engines.
– Open Source
o What is it and why is it important?
o Hands-on look at some open source tools used at the library
o Demonstration of Raspberry Pi and creative ways it can be used
– Leadership online—what’s your impact?
o How to Influence Others
o What are some positive ways you can interact online?
o What would you blog about? A look at several awesome blogs written by teens.
o Demonstration of Weebly and WordPress

1:00-1:15pm Hands-on Fun
– Computer Cadavar!
o Teams will take apart computers, learn about individual components, and reassemble.

1:15-2:00pm Video Challenge
– Description of Video Challenge
o Teams of 2-4 must answer the following
1. What is the Digital Footprint?
2. How can you investigate yours?
3. How can you control it?
4. Why does it matter?

Video Challenge Timeline:
Entries due August 1, 2013.
Videos posted and open voting August 5th-21st
Winner announced August 23rd, 2013 at Digital Leader Debut Party

Digital Leader Debut Party
August 23rd, 6:30pm
Each team will show their video and follow up with a short presentation about their creative process putting the video together. The winner and awards will be presented.

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