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Re(imagine) Media website

Re(imagine) Media website

91.3fm WYEP

Program Summary

91.3fm WYEP, a part of Pittsburgh’s only public radio partnership, presents a new endeavor from our Youth Media Project. Our high school participants are creating a music news, review, and entertainment hub. They will design, edit, populate, market, and manage this website themselves.

These students are representatives from our flagship program, Re(imagine) Media. This program was created by our students, providing a platform to project their voices through media creation. In that spirit, this website is an idea of our students and will be designed, edited, and populated by those same teens. As the school year begins these students will host a lunch party to promote the website. Once the website is up they will become the content editors who will recruit, manage and edit the posts coming in from a large pool of Pittsburgh’s high schoolers.

The participants are excited about this new venture where they’ll teach themselves how to complete a long-term project. In the footsteps of websites like Pitchfork, they’d like this website to become a go-to resource for music critique and entertainment information. The project will expose them to web creation, strategic planning, marketing, event planning, and editing. These practical skills will give them a head start as they embark on their college educations and jobs where they’ll need to collaborate on large projects.


The first step will be to gather and organize our students’ ideas for the website. At one of their regular Re(imagine) Media meetings they will create a strategic plan, which outlines their goals in full detail. We will begin our project with a total of ten to fifteen regular participants; currently we have seven regular students that attend our meetings because some have recently graduated.

Once they decide on goals, we’ll begin the next phase with a professional web design firm. We see this as an opportunity for the students to develop their leadership skills as they work with professionals to communicate their vision into a design, create a realistic timeline, and execute the project. The process will teach students about contracting professional services and working together to fulfill the design vision.

As the website is being designed, the Re(imagine) Media students will develop a plan to collaborate with area high schoolers to provide content for the website. They’ll develop partnerships with high school newspaper writers who will benefit from publishing their content. By working together with students already writing for their newspapers, our website will receive fresh content. Our Re(imagine) Media students will serve as editors. This system will make running the website a rewarding but manageable task year-round for students already involved in school and extracurricular activities. Their ultimate goal is to create a smooth, self-sustaining website that will engage high school students for a long time.

The Re(imagine) Media students will also develop a marketing plan to promote the website among high schoolers throughout Pittsburgh. In order to gain traction and publicity, we will develop a plan that will incorporate the resources from the radio station that we are a part of. The plan will need to leverage the social and school networks of the students involved in the website as well as the broad reach that the station offers. As the word of mouth spreads and the content is produced, the reputation of the website will help draw new viewers, until then we’ll do a lot of work to publicize it.

As September comes to a close and the website design is finalized, the students will host a launch party. The party will get teenagers to engage with the creators and contributors of the website, increasing interest and excitement. A party will help mark the website launch with a fun event that will draw a large crowd beyond those associated with the website. Our students will work on the planning and promotion of that party, putting them at the helm to decide the direction of the event.

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