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Moab Media Labs

Moab Media Labs

Spy Hop Productions

Program Summary

For the first time ever, Spy Hop Productions will bring its innovative digital media programs on the road to Moab, Utah. Moab, population 5,100, is a rural town in southern Utah best known for its mountain biking trails. Moab’s progressive community has been a great advocate for opportunities for it’s youth, but the remoteness of the town can sometimes make access to arts and technology a problem. For years, Spy Hop has wanted to try to take our innovative programs on the road. We serve over 2000 students up and down the Wasatch Front, and know that there are many more that could benefit from our hands-on, youth driven arts workshops.

In July 2013, we will send five instructors and a van full of cameras and computers to Moab to lead three different classes in film, music and animation. We’ll separate youth into age groups (7-9, 10-12 and 13-16) and give them a chance to tell their stories, and the stories about their communities through digital media. We believe the next generation has a lot to say and believe that when armed with awareness and knowledge, young people can speak more articulately and with greater impact. There is no formula for making a great story, and different people respond to different things. We’ll use songwriting, stop motion animation, documentary film and radio diaries to help Moab’s youth explore life in their own community, talk about what’s important to them, and share it with the world.


Spy Hop’s Moab Media Labs will be a set of digital workshops designed to engage youth in the rural and underserved City of Moab. Spy Hop will provide three sessions; each session is designated for a specific youth group (ages 7-9, 10-12, 13-16). Furthermore, each session will have a media literacy, and digital citizenship component led by Spy Hop’s Marketing Coordinator in which she will discuss topics like information sharing, audience, impact of sharing. The session timeline and program agenda will be as follows:

Monday – Friday
Session 1 (age 7-9) 9am – 12 pm
Youth will create stories about their lives and their community through various digital mediums culminating in live-action film and stop motion animation public service announcements. This will be a youth driven session, where students learn about the impact of their media on audiences.

Monday – Friday
Session 2 (ages 10-12) 1pm – 4pm
Using Mozilla Popcorn Maker – student create a short form documentary film that reflects the participant’s interests within their own community by examining and mapping icons and people within it. Students will gain interviewing skills, and learn documentary techniques.

Monday – Friday
Session 3 (ages 13-16) 4pm – 7pm
Youth in this age group will explore social and cultural issues within their community through creation of two short documentary films. They will work in collaboration to research the topic and produce the topics. In addition, they will incorporate community members that hold specialized knowledge in their chosen topics.

At the end of the week all Spy Hop will host a community viewing in which student will share their work with the City of Moab, and take pride in what they have accomplished. After the screenings, youth driven media will be upload to a special Vimeo page where students can continue to share their work, and will be continually curated by Spy Hop Staff.

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