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Your Story Makes a Difference!

Your Story Makes a Difference!

Rochester Hills Public Library

Program Summary

Your Story Makes a Difference!
Create and share stories using the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s myStoryMaker and enter your story into Rochester Hills Public Library’s (RHPL) story contest for a chance to win a prize! RHPL is hosting monthly story making workshops July to September for children ages 8 to 11. There will be a different story theme and a discussion about responsible practices in a digital environment at each workshop.

Read, vote, and comment on the stories on RHPL’s youth webpage. Stories which receive the most votes will be entered in a drawing to receive a cool prize. Each winner’s story will be displayed in the youth department for a week. There are 10 openings for each workshop and attendees must be residents of Rochester Hills, Rochester, or Oakland Township. However, anyone can use myStoryMaker. Through stories, encouragement, and participation we can create an online space where we can share and develop ideas in a positive way.

Location: Rochester Hills Public Library
500 Olde Towne
Rochester, MI 48307
Target Age Group: 8 to 11
Number of Attendees: 10 attendees per session, 30 attendees in total


This program will span over three months July 15, 2013 to September 30, 2013. Monthly workshops will be held in RHPL’s mobile youth computer lab and will last an hour. Participants create stories based on a fun theme, such as making a friend. The story maker has preset options that children can easily select and use to develop their story. At the end of the workshop each child will take home a print copy of their story and have the option to send their story to their e-mail address and/or enter their story into the story making contest. Links to the submitted stories will be posted on RHPL’s website for reading and sharing of comments. Voting for stories will take place during a two week period at the end of September after the last story maker workshop.
At the beginning of each session librarians will also introduce a topic related to digital citizenship in a way that is relatable to children. The framework of digital citizenship for youth developed by Dr. Mike Ribble will be used to guide the discussions and workshop. Below is an example of a story workshop session.

Draft Agenda July 15, 2013
2:00-2:15pm Cyberbullying: What is it?
Examples of cyberbullying are provided as well as examples that show children positive ways to interact with each other in a digital environment. Children are given handouts about cyberbullying to take home and share with their family and friends. Children are also encouraged to practice positive interaction with others in a digital environment by commenting and sharing their stories on RHPL’s youth webpage.
2:15-2:50pm Story Making: How do you Make Friends?
Children will make a story using myStoryMaker about making friends.
2:40-3:00pm Printing, Emailing and Contest Submission
As children complete their stories, librarians will help and teach children how to print, e-mail and submit their stories into the contest.

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