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“Who’s Making Peace in the Neighborhood?”

“Who’s Making Peace in the Neighborhood?”

The MY HERO Project

Program Summary

“Who’s Making Peace in the Neighborhood?”, a summer Connected Learning Experience for grades 3-7, ages 8-12, is coming to the Laguna Beach Boys and Girls Club from July 10-12, 2013.

Do you blog for peace? Are you ready to interview a UN peacemaker who worked in war torn Bosnia? What will you ask a former child soldier from Sierra Leone? Create your hero on the MY HERO Is App. Text for peace. Learn about digital citizenship? Come together to use the internet to advance the principles of peace, mutual respect and creativity and dedicate ourselves to living in a diverse and connected society.

By creating a dialogue of peace and heroism working with digital journalism tools and the MY HERO curricula, the 60-90 participants will apply online resources and multi-media tools to their own ideas of how best to communicate with their peers to create effective journalism. Using the brand new App MY HERO Is (sponsored by Speaking Photo), Boys and Girls Club Counselors, MY HERO Mentors and Peacemakers and target age children in the third through seventh graders record 30 and 60 second segments of their own and their peers’ heroes for the MY HERO website www.myhero.com and Facebook page. MY HERO student reporters from other countries will video chat with the Boys and Girls Club program members to share their experiences of interviewing heroes and digital storytelling.

Join in at the “Who’s Making Peace in the Neighborhood?” culminating event where we share our recorded interviews and hero dedications, have a jam session with live musicians, sing about peace and broadcast our messages of hope throughout our world
and visit the Born Brave Bus. The MY HERO Project is anticipating that the answer to the question, “˜Who’s Making Peace in the Neighborhood?’ will be each of us!


Who’s Making Peace in the Neighborhood? will be three afternoons of digital storytelling, interviewing, blogging, social messaging and creative hands-on community building activities.

1:15 pm – 2:00 pm 3rd Graders
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm Activity on Playground or in Common Area
3:05 pm – 4:00 pm 4th and 5th Graders
4:05 pm – 5:00 pm 6th and 7th Graders
Culminating Event to take place on Day 3 from 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Day One: The MY HERO Project will introduce its online digital storytelling curricula. Guest speakers Tawfilis and Sidibay will share their experiences in war torn countries and explore the concepts of peace and reconciliation. Together educators and learners will create a 5 x 12 foot mural dedicated to the theme of global peace and understanding.

There will be brainstorming sessions within a cooperative learning model devoted to interviewing techniques for internet and mobile journalism. The MY HERO Is App for mobile use will be introduced, to be further investigated by the children in the next two afternoon sessions.

Day Two: Peacemakers Joanne Tawfilis and Mohamed Sidibay will be the interviewees for our emerging online journalists. Each session will focus on using iPads, mobile phones, digital cameras and video recorders to document the interviews.

MY HERO staff will lead these 21st century online journalism workshops while student participants will also create peace art on digital devices and make peacemaker portraits using more traditional art materials to be photographed and uploaded to websites and blogs and the MY HERO Is App.

Each day, participating students will contribute their own ideas of blogging, reporting and interviewing and refine their working definitions of peacemaking and reconciliation. By registering on the MY HERO website and starting their digital portfolios, they will connect with student journalists from other countries by video chat and connect with a wider group of peers.

Day Three: Each group of students will review and give positive feedback to their peers about their interviews. Final editing and uploading of the interviews and hero tributes to a specially designed digital folder for the purpose of screening will be accomplished. The peace mural and hero art will be exhibited and stories will be printed for communal reading. Students will evaluate their own participation and the role of the mentors in creating a community learning experience.

For the final presentation, the entire group of students and invited parents, the MY HERO staff and guest mentors, and the available staff from the Boys and Girls Club will watch the screening of the completed interviews and peace hero celebrations. Each student will receive a certificate and a badge from the MY HERO Project honoring their peacemaking work.

A final community building event under the supervision of musical director Stuart Pearlman will be recording songs of peace and unity to be played on the MY HERO website and Facebook page.

It is our hope that the Born Brave Bus will visit on Day Three.

Engaging in community peacemaking and creating a new model for online journalism are our goals.

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