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Digital.me Workshop Series (part of the DreamYard Art Center Summer Programming)

Digital.me Workshop Series (part of the DreamYard Art Center Summer Programming)

DreamYard Project

Program Summary

From July 9-31, DreamYard will host Digital.me — a series of four, two-day workshops for teens at the DreamYard Art Center. Based on resources and learning/exchanges with the Mozilla Hive NYC Learning Network and the broader DML community, our workshops will teach the fundamentals of digital art production and web literacy through a unique approach combining arts and social justice pedagogy. Through hands-on activities, discussions, and critical viewing/listening, workshops will explore core values of Empower, Create and Connect and corresponding questions of Who am I? What do I want to Say? What Builds Community? Workshops will build the foundation for youth to become engaged citizens, life-long learners and the leaders of tomorrow.

The series includes:
• Internet and Basic Computer Skills- students learn about basic computer hardware and software, discover better ways to navigate the Internet, and learn HTML/CSS basics using the Mozilla tools X-Ray Goggles and Thimble;
• Photo Editing Basics- students learn what a meme is and use Photoshop to create memes with social messages;
• Working with Sound- students create their tracks using Garageband and Audacity and share them through Sound-cloud and Mixcloud;
• Making your own Social Media Toolbox- students explore social networking platforms – WorldPress, Tumblr, Twitter and YouTube- and create blogs and posts to reach a broader audience for their artwork and ideas.

Summer participants will:
• Build foundational tech skills and capacity across a wide variety of digital tools/programs;
• Use digital media to explore identity, community and social issues;
• Effectively share their work;
• Understand Internet safety concerns;
• Engage in Open Studios, a safe space for youth to explore and experiment;
• Earn badges.

The goal is to build basic skills and interest in digital media over the summer so that students will smoothly transition into fall programs, where they can be in leadership positions and mentor their peers.


July 9-10
10 – 11: Welcome, community-building activity and ground rules.
11 – 12: A scavenger hunt that familiarizes participants with the basics of computer hardware and software. Day 2, discuss the pros/cons of having an email account and create one.
12 – 1: Learn basic components of a web browser and work on search techniques. Day 2, discuss case studies from Common Sense Media’s Internet Safety about web sharing.
2 – 3:30: Introduced to HTML by using X-Ray Goggles then hack news sites to write a story about their own lives. Day 2, build HTML programming skills using Thimble to create a personal web page.
3:30 – 4: Share work in small groups and reflect on their learning.

July 16-17
10 – 11: Same as first workshop;
11 – 12: An interactive discussion about what a “meme” is and its history, then make a physical meme using magazine clippings. Day 2, look at different trends in memes and macros online and discuss their impact.
12 – 1: Learn basic tools in Photoshop and make a simple LOLcat meme using Web images and the text tool. Day 2, brainstorm ideas for creating a meme for good, present in small groups and choose one to bring to life.
2 – 3:30: Learn about image enhancing using Photoshop and exporting the LOLcat. Day 2, create their own memes for good.
3:30 – 4: Share their work in small groups and then reflect on their learning.

July 23-24
10 – 11: Same as first workshop;
11 – 12: A discussion and listening activity about what a “podcast” is and the different reasons why people listen. Day 2, listen to Radio Rookies stories and discuss them as examples of how youth can share their personal stories.
12 – 1: Learn basic audio editing by cutting and arranging clips together using Audacity. Day 2, write about a moment when they stood up for something and then create a podcast that tells a brief story in their life.
2 – 3:30: Learn how to gather good quality audio using USB mics and Garageband. Day 2, record themselves telling their story, edit mistakes, and add music transitions to their podcast.
3:30 – 4: Share their work in small groups and then reflect on their learning.

July 30-31
10 – 11: Same as first workshop;
11 – 12: Discuss the history of social networks, why people love Facebook, and other platforms. Day 2, discuss a case study from Common Sense Media and talk about sharing and privacy online.
12 – 1: Create a tumblr account and explore other feeds, learn to search using tags. Day 2, learn how to tie their social media accounts together and look at examples of artists who use social media to share work.
2 – 3:30: Create a DeviantArt account, upload a piece of personal art and explore the work of others. Day 2, brainstorm an issue they want to learn about and create a mock social media campaign to raise awareness.
3:30 – 4: Share their work in small groups and then reflect on their learning.

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