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Trojan Ambassadors

Trojan Ambassadors

Barren County Schools

Program Summary

The Trojan Ambassadors program is a service learning, mentoring and leadership program that collaborates with the district 21st Community Learning Center program to provide all Barren County students an opportunity to learn leadership techniques companied with technological advancement. The Trojan Ambassadors program will be available to all Barren County Middle School and High School students. Upon completion of the 2013 school year there were 1,964 7th-12th graders in the Barren County School District. Though all students may apply, the Trojan Ambassadors from each grade level will be selected through an application and interview process, coupled with teacher recommendation. Approximately 15-20 students are selected per grade level and serve as ambassadors the duration of their middle school and high school careers. Students selected will be an eclectic group of individuals with varying skills, interests, personality characteristics and abilities. Students selected as ambassadors will exhibit assorted qualities including enthusiasm, determination and compassion. Trojan Ambassadors serve as representatives for their peers. Some of the responsibilities of the ambassadors include maintaining social media outlets representing their class, planning and executing a number of family and community events, producing and marketing a number of online service learning topics for their classmates through the use of digital, online and social media outlets. The Ambassadors also serve as mentors for elementary students attending the district’s seven elementary schools and often speak to groups of elementary students on character education topics. Currently there are 2,925 elementary students in the district. The grant will provide additional leadership training for the Trojan Ambassadors to strengthen their own knowledge as well as enable this outstanding group of youth to provide quality service to their own classmates and community.


Training for the Ambassadors will begin in August and continue through September. During this time, approximately 60 Trojan Ambassadors will complete Leaders of the Future training, a course on conflict management, a ROPES teambuilding course and a series of technology development and application with district technology specialists. Courses and trainings will occur over the two month period for the Ambassadors.

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