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Project connect: Discovery through online social engagement

Project connect:  Discovery through online social engagement

NWRECC Stepping Stones

Program Summary

NWRECC Stepping Stones provides learning centers to low-income communities, part of our mission is to provide the life skills needed to find success and prosperity. Not only do our centers serve adults but we have a developing after school program that is built around promoting academic success and stewardship within the community. During the summer our centers work towards inspiring creativity, strengthening self-esteem and educating the children about the world around them. We would be pleased to announce a project that would bring access to media production technology that would enable kids to create video blogs, podcasts and more in an effort to share their created content safely within social media networks and our company website. Our plan is to connect the kids to safe and supportive networks the given them a creative outlet and a safe place to share their experiences or seek support in various areas of their lives such as bullying and peer pressure. Throughout the summer we will take time for the kids to document their experiences through guided topics such as how to handle bullies, what makes them special and more. They will be able to provide words of encouragement and other media content to their peers throughout social media and engage in active discussions with peers from around the world.


Week 1:
Purchase equipment and introduce program to the children. Explain what blogging is and introduce them to previously screened sites, and have them read through some of the examples. Respond to questions then show them how it relates to the bigger picture of shared information, creating meaningful discourse and how to use that information as a means of support and discovery.

Week 2 & 3:
Introduce the children to the equipment and train them on how to use it. Then have the children go through some exercises to practice using the equipment and software.

Week 4:
Give the children some topics to create content on that will be meaningful to them, such as overcoming bullies, overcoming peer pressure, how to create a stronger community, etc..

Week 5:
Review content and have a peer review and group discussion about the content and how it relates to the topics.

Week 6:
Show children how to post the content online and discuss future topics

Week 7:
Field trip to news station to talk to news staff and introduce them to the world of news.

Week 8:
Followup talk on reporting and gather ideas for how they could report events within the community, have them watch some examples and show them approved sites for reference then give them a scenario to report on.

Week 9: Work on mock news report and guide the children through the process, then watch finished product as a group and gather peer responses for the groups.

For the rest of the summer and future allow children to create content freely, screen then post to appropriate sites.

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