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Youth Game Jam

Youth Game Jam

Hampshire College / New Haven Free Public Library

Program Summary

Would you like to make a game in a day? Come to the Youth Game Jam at the New Haven Free Public Library (date TBD) to learn the necessary tools to design, create, test, and refine a game. Participants will work in teams (created on-site) and no prior experience is necessary.

Estimated attendees: 10-30 (but I really have no idea – I'll work with the library and my local network to advertise it and maximize attendance. Ideally this can become a yearly event and future years will be bigger.)
Location: New Haven Free Public Library
Target Age Group: 6 – 20 years old

Logo Image Credit: http://www.acmi.net.au/experience/images/img_gameon_brand.gif


1 day hackathon event

10:00am: Introductions (names, favorite games, skills, school, etc.)
10:15: Theme announcement and brainstorming
10:30: Idea presentations and team formation
11:00: Teambuilding events, familiarizing teams with available tools
11:30: Make games!
12:30pm: Lunch break
1:30: Reconvene for playtesting
2:00: More game development
3:00: More playtesting
3:30: More game development
4:30: Final playtesting
4:45: Wrap-up
5:00: Done!

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