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Mastering The Digital Millennium

Mastering The Digital Millennium

Woodbury Child Development Center

Program Summary

“Mastering The Digital Millennium for Youth Leadership” is a 12-week intensive summer camp for youth ages 6 to 16. The program combines digital media and traditional communications into a challenging and enriching life experience that accelerates personal development in our youth. Participants will explore the Digital World, sharpen youth oral and written skills, and learn the power of visual communications. They will focus on how to make the Internet a valuable experience for youth of all ages, across the globe. In addition to nurturing the creative spark, the camp experience instills teamwork, leadership and social responsibility.

Held at the Woodbury Child Development Center in Woodbury, New Jersey, this camp aims to service at maximum of 50 youth from the local and regional area. Their projects will be showcased through Digital outlets including YouTube, WordPress blogs, Sound Cloud and more.


“Mastering The Digital Millennium” Draft Agenda

Media Power (week 1)
Media Power will give participants an intense orientation of the power of Digital media and Internet communications. They will learn how digital media shapes society. They will learn how the written and spoken word, graphics, photography, video, music and sound effects are used on the Internet to deliver messages that influence behavior.

'On Target' (week 2)
Being 'On Target' in media and communications means knowing your business and your audience. Participants learn how to assess their target audience in order to create messages that get attention and achieve their objective.

Reading and Writing for Digital Media (weeks 2 & 3)
Participants will learn to write for digital media.. They will write short stories, narratives, presentations, news releases, scripts, public service announcements, and promotional copy.

WOW Graphics (weeks 4 & 5)
This portion of the program introduces the youth to visual communications including graphic design, animation and slide presentations.
Participants will learn how to use graphics to create powerful and effective messages. They will learn how to use photography, graphics, color, and type in digital communications.

Sound Off (week 6)
Participants will focus on vocal communications and audio production. This portion introduces voice acting to the youth as well as music and the production of sound effects and digital theme music. They'll learn to enrich their messages and make information easier to receive.

"Digital Millennium!" Internet Blitz (weeks 7 thru 10)
"Digital Millennium" will bring together the various digital media created by the youth for Internet distribution. this real-time experience will demonstrate the powerful and flexibility of Digital Media.

Marketing and Community Outreach (weeks 10 & 11)
This program will focus Digital Media participants’ attention on the skills of effective marketing, public relations and community outreach.

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