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IHAD-LA Summer Program

IHAD-LA Summer Program

"I Have a Dream" Foundation- Los Angeles

Program Summary

“I Have a Dream” Foundation -Los Angeles provides their Dreamers with quality resources, mentoring, and tutoring to guide them toward the path of higher education while giving them opportunities to expand their horizons throughout the process. “I Have a Dream” Foundation – Los Angeles will be hosting a Summer Program for their students that will take place at Daniel Freeman Elementary School in Inglewood, California. There will be approximately forty Dreamers, Grades 7 and 8, learning and participating in the month-long Summer Program, which will consist of both academic and enrichment classes that meet Monday – Thursday from 8:00 am – 2:00 pm. Additionally, Dreamers will participate in the following classes while attending the Summer Program: Language Arts, Math, Computer Technology, and Fitness. The Computer Technology class will be one of the most important elements of the Summer Program. It will help introduce the Dreamers to the technology they will go on to use in high school, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. These skills are viable tools for their education and will allow the Dreamers to begin utilizing these skills to create ideal projects and assignments. The Dreamers will partake in the Summer Program and emerge stronger, more capable, and efficient students because staff will provide excellent guidance and support for the students to ensure success.


Not only will these students be introduced to basic and important technological skills, but they will also become a part of a selective group of students, not just Dreamers, that will have a technological upper hand over their classmates due to the necessary, basic skills they will learn during the Summer Program's Technology Class to excel in high school. Dreamers will hone skills in other academic subjects that will provide them with more opportunities, as well as allow them to discover new interests through extracurricular activities and enriching subjects. Additionally, they will be able to further advance or continue developing select skills before many of their classmates, more likely to place them on an accelerated track toward higher education.
As all schools in California begin to move towards the full implementation of the Common Core Standards, IHAD-LA’s computer class will be an essential part of the Summer Program. The Common Core Standards will require the shift towards computerized testing and assignments in schools. “I Have a Dream” wants to ensure that their students begin to understand how to use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel in preparation for their high school curriculum. Additionally, these technological skills will carry over into the work force while placing them ahead of other individuals their age so Dreamers have more competitive resumes starting at a young age. They will be up to par with the Common Core Standards, thus leaving them capable of satisfying the standards with flying colors. Hence, students will be on the right track toward graduating high school and be moving towards the path of higher education.
Students will learn how to navigate all aspects of Microsoft Word to create documents to compose an assignment using different commands, functions, and attributes to teach them about the plethora of possibilities of using Word. With Word, students will be taught proper MLA format, how to set-up a document, as well as how to effectively use all tools. Additionally, students will be assigned to compose an “About Me” one-page paper in MLA format to prepare the Dreamers for future writing assignments. The students will also learn about the functions and abilities of Excel to teach them about collecting and inputing data. The Dreamers will be assigned a spreadsheet assignment where they must properly use Excel with the data they collect and record. Excel will teach students how to effectively create a spreadsheet, use specific functions to generate information about data, and to compile data for projects in an efficient manner. Powerpoint and Prezi will be taught in order to show students how to construct different types of project presentations for future class projects and presentations. Both programs will help students learn how to construct and deliver visually appealing, informative, interactive, educational, as well as potential business-related, projects and presentations. Along with the creation of Powerpoint projects, students will be given tips and pointers on presenting and continue to wrap-up the Summer Program's Technology Class.

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