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Hacker Academy: How to create, program and own your own computer

Hacker Academy:  How to create, program and own your own computer

White Plains Public Library

Program Summary

This summer as part of our Teen Summer Reading Program, Beneath the Surface, we are proposing to conduct two four-session computer programming workshops, each workshop lasting 1-1/2 hours, using APC computers, the revolutionary $79, low-power, computer. Using these simple and extremely affordable computers, teens will learn how to run Linux OS, basic programming in Linux, and how to download apps. The purpose is to empower teenagers by learning computer-programming skills and provide them with opportunities to practice these skills in a safe environment. After the four programming sessions, participants will create a case for their computer using a design from Thingiverse.com, and the MakerBot 3D printer as a culminating exercise. Attendance at all sessions is mandatory. At the end of the workshops, the attendees will keep the APC unit and microSD card they had been using. The library will have two stations set up for the purpose of exploring computer-programming so teens will have the opportunity to practice and talk to staff members who can assist them on a drop in basis or through informal collaboration between participants outside of the formal instruction time.


This workshop will involve 4 sessions plus a culminating activity. Agendas for each session are as follows:

Session 1 – APC basics: how to connect & use as an Android device
Session 2 – Linux OS: how to transfer Linux OS from a PC to APC, using SD card or USB memory disk. How to boot Linux on an APC or any other computer in order to hack that computer’s system
Session3 – Console Mode: learn about running a computer in console mode
Session 4 – Downloading Apps in Console Mode: learn how to download basic apps & use source code

Culminating session(s) to create a computer case using the MakerBot.

Additional drop in support sessions and time for participants’ collaboration will be scheduled outside the formal instruction times.

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