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Launching Learning through STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math)

Launching Learning through STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math)

Geneseo Public Library District

Program Summary

Students (approximately 50 from the elementary and junior high) will access new computers in the library with updated software that they can work on Lego-League projects. This will be an enhancement of the program that was created in the elementary schools in Geneseo, Illinois. The Geneseo Public Library District will have the equipment, software, and knowledge to help the elementary and junior high students use creative thinking. This method delves into technology and engineering as an integrated context and theory coupled with practical strategic methods and tools to bring science, technology, and art together to make the LEGO project engaging and fun. We will have instructors to help the students with their projects. The students will also build the design on the computer and then artistically create the design on a clay pot or tile. The student will work with local artists and muralists.


The agenda will be to explain what the computers can do. We will introduce the web page (http://geneseo.lib.il.us) and then access the new software that the library has purchased to complete the LEGO project of designing an animal. This project will also introduce project based learning sites such as www.googlesciencefair.com. These sites promote critical thinking skills coupled with abstract designs. The youth will construct the design on the computer and make a replica of that design with the art teachers.

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