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Sound Stories: Creating Digital Legends

Sound Stories: Creating Digital Legends

Affinityfilms, Inc.

Program Summary

As a means of educating the youth of Prince William Sound and lower Cook Inlet about the 1989 oil spill and to invigorate their support for keeping the land and waters affected by the spill healthy, we propose to engage them in a modern day method of storytelling.
We propose to do this by guiding and mentoring youth in digital storytelling using cameras and new QR coding technology as well as social media to showcase their work.
We will work with community liaisons beside youth to gather digital footage and still photos of residents of Prince William Sound (Valdez, Cordova, Tatitlek, Chenega) and lower Cook Inlet (Port Graham, Seldovia and Nanwalek) with an ear to the past experiences of the 1989 oil spill and an eye to the future — inspiring youth to cherish and protect Prince William Sound and Cook Inlet and Kachemak Bay.


By deploying professional videographers to the listed 8 primary locations to work with youth to capture and share stories from their elders, and parents about EVOS, we will ensure a high level of production so that gathered materials will compete with today’s media.
We will nurture a respect for the unique purity and beauty of their home by portraying the beauty and bounty of their land and water today using tools of our time.
We will do this through:
• Education — teaching hands on day long film workshops, training community members to use the digital video cameras working beside and with everyone who is interested in participating in the project.
• Documentation — film short interviews, B-roll footage and stills photos while in the villages.
• Retrieval — bring back memory cards from participating community members, catalog, edit, organize and replicate raw footage for archival value.
• Reach out – create social media components which will be kept active throughout the project
• Film making – gathered clips from participants into a working documentary film of 20-28 minutes in length and by creating public awareness media.
• Technology – use of QR chip technology which can be scanned by smart phones to web caches of the material directly from the places where filmed (whenever possible) and in public venues when not.

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