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iSucceed: Skills & Habits for Future Career Success

iSucceed: Skills & Habits for Future Career Success

Curate Success LLC

Program Summary

How do we correct for the great disparity between the habits and skills that young people have, and those skill sets businesses doing the hiring today require?

Answering this is what the iSucceed app will accomplish through specific, daily opportunities to learn and apply the habits and principles for success that can transcend cultural, social and economic trends if learned, applied and distributed to promote personal growth and professional success.


We organized this into 10 themes: Projecting the Best You, Presentation Skills, Value of Team Work, Leadership and Management Skills, Habits of Successful People, Personal and Time Management, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Analysis, Professional Attributes Businesses Value and Networking. We ran a successful class (2800 registrants) for free this past Fall on the ten themes, which you can read more about here: http://www.emergingedtech.com/2012/11/longwood-university-combines-mixing-gaming-into-a-mooc-to-offer-high-school-students-college-readiness/

The purpose of the iSucceed initiative is to evolve the content developed already and create an Android, web and iOS app that will allow High School Students to interact daily within an online community. The initiative, called iSucceed, takes the concepts developed for workforce readiness skills (noted above) and makes it a daily experience where people learn/watch something brief (think 60 seconds on average), are provided with additional substantive resources for further exploration (videos, quotes, articles, info graphics, etc.) and are asked to discuss a question tied to that day’s material in a social forum, which asks them to apply what they have learned and allows them to network with peers. Students will earn badges for each of the 10 themes for participating over time, with the app keeping track of what they did to earn each, which students can later share out to potential employers and college admissions representatives. This will all be stored in each student’s Digital Backpack (learn more: http://openbadges.org/ ).

Each Week will explore the following (alternating between Weeks A and B):

Week A
Monday: Communication.
Tuesday: Teamwork.
Wednesday: Habits for Success.
Thursday: Critical Thinking.
Friday: Professionalism.
Weekend: Special Topics specifically tied to your ability to be Indispensable.

Week B
Monday: Presentation Skills.
Tuesday: Leadership and Management.
Wednesday: Personal and Time Management.
Thursday: Problem Solving and Analysis.
Friday: Networking.
Weekend: Special Topics specifically tied to your ability to be Indispensable.

Students will be encouraged to participate 10 times for each of the 10 themes. After participating 10 times for the Communication topic, every other Monday, those participants will earn a Communication Badge that collects what the students said and did to discuss and apply what they have learned tied to that particularly theme.

This is an ambitious undertaking for students, but one that will pay off by allowing students to think about, articulate and demonstrate their abilities in each of the ten areas. The students are essentially building an online portfolio that they can use to identify areas where there is a need for improvement, which also can be used to demonstrate competency to potential employers.

The app will be free to participants and have content daily for a year (with the exception of weekends, which will have a single special topic per). This will essentially result in 25 opportunities to demonstrate competency in each of the 10 theme areas, not including the Special Topic Weekend Editions. There will be hidden and advanced badges included throughout.

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