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iStrive Fitness Day

Longwood University

Program Summary

The iStrive Fitness Day, is a health and fitness event for youth to be held at the Belle Isle Park on the James River in Richmond, VA.
The experience will focus on the importance of Health and Physical Fitness and how technology can serve as a personal digital tracker and athletic trainer. The program will entail teaching youth how to use the web, mobile phones and digital heart rate monitors to track their activity, emphasizing the usefulness and importance of collecting data to make healthy choices. By doing so, the youth gain perspective and insight about their own commitment to making healthy decisions as individuals and the value of health and fitness to our communities. Related to communities, the program will stress the value of social media and online communities to learn, inspire, motivate and promote healthy choices both online and where we live. To ensure continued success, a social media presence will be established to keep the conversation, motivation and positive reinforcement alive within the School District and online.


The Event will be held on a Saturday, Summer 2013.
Saturday 7:30-8am: Registration.
Saturday 8:15-8:45am: Welcome, Introduction and Overview of Health, Physical Fitness, Choices and Commitments to healthy lifestyles individually and as members of physical and online communities; this is a setting of context for the importance of youth to advocate for healthy choices among peers, etc.
Saturday 9:00-10:00am: Exploring different web, mobile apps and tools for tracking health and fitness, and their importance. This will include a hands-on piece where students learn about the role of heart rate in health and physical fitness, perform a series of exercises using heart rate monitors, learn to collect and evaluate this data, and apply this all to future health and fitness goals.
Saturday 11:00-11:30am: The use of social media, online communities and free web-based tools to build an ongoing community of practice and personal motivation to complement personal progress. Students will learn how to follow up with one another as an ongoing and enduring experience.
Saturday 11:30-12pm: lunch
Saturday 12:00-1pm: Exploring the Born Brave Bus, connecting personal and social motivation to the importance of embracing the self and proactive expression to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.
Saturday 1:00-3pm: Exploring the Born Brave Bus for all High School Students in the Greater Richmond area.

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