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How To Apply to the Summer Youth Programming Competition

Application Questions

1. Program summary (300 words max, required)

Provide a brief summary of the proposed program, including proposed location, target age group, and number of attendees. The summary should be written in language that could be used to announce the program to potential participants, through social media and on websites. This section of the application will be made public for comments, feedback, and voting.

2. Draft agenda (500 words max, required)

Provide a draft agenda for the proposed event.

3. Eligibility & recruitment process (200 words max, required)

Describe the target youth audience for this program. Will there be registration or eligibility requirements? Detail specific plans for publicizing the event and recruiting participants from the target audience.

4. Ensuring participation (100 words max, required)

Briefly discuss factors that may limit participant turnout, and describe measures to be taken to ameliorate these constraints. For example, where local transportation may be difficult or expensive, measures could be taken to provide local transportation for participants by supplying city bus passes, etc.

5. Post-event documentation & publicity (250 words max, required)

Describe the measures that will be taken following the event:

6. Born Brave Bus Tour (300 words max, optional)

If you are interested in the possibility of incorporating the Born Brave Bus Tour and activities into your proposed “Project:Connect” summer programming, please use this space to spell out your ideas for integrating the Born Brave Bus Tour with your making and learning programs.

7. Proposed Budget (required, 2 parts)

7a. Please use a standard Budget Spreadsheet form to propose a program budget. Budgets should reflect actual event costs (upload, .xls or .pdf format).

7b. Please prepare a Budget Narrative explaining each budget item proposed (text only, 300 words max).

Please see the Summer Youth Programming Terms and Conditions for a list of allowable expenses.

8. Primary Organizer and Instructor/Mentor profiles (50 words max per profile, 3 required)

Provide brief profiles of the Primary Organizer, plus key instructors and/or mentors involved in leading the event itself. Each profile should minimally include the following information:


How to Submit your Application

Submit your application online using FastApps

All Digital Media and Learning applications must be submitted using FastApps. This page provides detailed instructions on how to submit an application online.

How do I create an account on FastApps?

Go to FastApps and click the link that says “Create Account

Provide your full name and email address where prompted and click “Create Account”.

An activation email will be sent to the email address provided. From your email, open the Fastapps activation message and click the activation link. The email will be from dml(a)hri.uci.edu and titled “FastApps User Registration – Please Activate Your Account.” Once your account is created, log in using your username and personalized password.


How do I create an application?

Login and click on “Start New Application.”

Select an open program to create a new blank application

A blank application will be created for you and automatically saved as a blank draft.


How do I edit or update my FastApps submission?

After logging into your FastApps account, click the “Existing Applications” link.

You should now see your application table (see image below). To edit, click the pen icon in the “Edit” column.

Draft Application

You do not have to submit your application right away. You can save a draft and continue to edit the draft until you are ready to submit the application. Drafts do not validate required information, nor send out any event emails. Please note that applications in draft status at the time of the Competition close will not be subject to award; all applications must be formally submitted in advance of the June 10th deadline for award consideration.


Submitting Your Application

Only formally submitted applications will be considered for award; applications in draft status will not be considered.

When you are ready to submit your application, click the yellow “Submit” button to submit the application. A confirmation email will be sent to the account’s primary contact address and will confirm your successful submission.

If you have submitted your application, but have not received a confirmation email, please check your spam inbox and remember to change your spam settings to allow emails from dml at hri.uci.edu. If you still have not received a confirmation email, please contact dml at hri.uci.edu if you have

Revising your submitted application

Please note that after initial submission you can continue to revise your application up until the Competition’s deadline, simply click the “Submit Revised Application” button to update your submitted application. On submission of your revision, you should see a message at the top of your application that indicates your change has been received. You will NOT receive an additional confirmation email.

Please note that should your application fail validation and generate an error message (due to incomplete information, etc.) during the submission process, that your application has not been submitted and that any changes that you have made since your last save have not been saved by Fastapps. Correct any errors that the system indicates and attempt to re-submit again. If you wish to save your last changes without submitting your application, click “save” before exiting the application.