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Reporting Instructions – DML4

Badges for Lifelong Learning Grantee Reporting Instructions



1. Go to http://reports.dmlcompetition.net.

2. Log in; if you have forgotten your user name and password, you can reset it here.

3. When logged in, click the green button  sign under Apply.

4. When you first log in, the Open Programs tab should be active, where you can create new reports. If you have a report you want to edit or update, click on the In-Process tab.



Digital Media and Learning Competition IV grantees are required to submit quarterly progress reports during the grant period.

On or before June 3, 2013, grantees should also complete a special programmatic Narrative Progress Report, addressing the questions below. An updated version of this progress report may be submitted as a Final Narrative Report at the end of the grant term.

Final Narrative Reports and Final Financial Reports are due at the end of the contract period, and must be submitted on or before October 1, 2013.

NOTE: All reports completed after May 1, 2013 must be submitted online via Fastapps using the link at the top of this page.


Deadline Report requirement
June 3, 2013 Narrative Report (progress)
October 1, 2013 Narrative Report (final) | Financial Report (final)

Email us at dml@hri.uci.edu if you have any questions about DML4 reporting requirements.


Financial Report Instructions (Interim & Final)

NOTE: Use of a standard Financial Report spreadsheet is RECOMMENDED for quarterly reports, and REQUIRED for all final reports.

Explanatory notes can be entered directly into the spreadsheet, or uploaded in a separate .doc or .pdf document. If the spreadsheet shows variances of more than 10%, these must be addressed in the explanatory notes.

Final financial reports must be submitted online by the PI or an authorized financial officer of the organization.


FINAL Narrative Report Questions (due October 1, 2013)

Please address the following questions in the FINAL Narrative Report:

1. Please prepare a maximum two-page summary describing the work you have to done to develop your badge system over the past year.

2. Additional questions:



Interim Narrative Report Questions (due June 3, 2013)

Please address the following questions in Narrative Reports (see above for dates/deadlines):

1. Overarching narrative:

2. Badge system considerations:

3. Assessment/evaluation:

4. Impact/Scaling:

5. Sustainability:

6. Communications/outreach:

7. Community participation:

8. Additional notes:


Email us at dml@hri.uci.edu if you have any questions about DML4 reporting requirements.